I have worked in the music industry for the last 8 years, working at both major labels and smaller music companies, and have thoroughly enjoyed my journey so far.

In 2019, utilising my unique 360 understanding of the industry, I launched The Music Assistant- an assistant service which is specifically tailored to the music industry.

My knowledge within various sectors of the music industry means I have the networks and experience to support professionals from artists, to management, to small companies. With my role of Global Head of Operations at shesaid.so along with my active role in various DEI initiatives within the music industry (UK Music Futures Committee, BRITs Equality and Justice Advisory Group, AQA Music Syllabus DEI Roundtable), inclusivity is at the forefront of everything that I do. 

I’m extremely driven in creating positive change in the industry that I work in, and love, especially when it comes to Diversity, Mental Health and breaking down barriers to entry. 

As well as my ‘day job’, I’m also working with a company in India on a side project, and building a music and tech platform.


For more information about me, please head to my LinkedIn